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tertium datur / able to gain

gain mission

linking the separated failing paradigms in a renergetic way
to a powerfull maradigm on which an idogene base
can be found to respond to
the problem.

op renergetische wijze de afzonderlijk falende paradigma's
koppelen tot een krachtig maradigma waarop een idogene basis
gevonden kan worden voor de verantwoording van
het probleem.

trybe profile
wat voor mij geldt, moet voor jou ook mogen; niemand is schuldig aan zichzelf
what serves me, may suit you; none is guilty to one

Contact Information


Welcome on our site.
Just be, have & see where it links.
Tell us, where it doesn't.
We don't like to lose you
in your journey through this moment.

We prefer contact in this third,
organic manifestation of our site.

welkom op onze site.
begin met
netto tijd en kijk of het linkt.
vertel ons waar 't mis gaat;
wij verliezen niet graag het contact in deze,
alweer derde fase van ons project.

(virtuele interactieve participatie)
 is op diverse manieren mogelijk
en wordt effectiever naarmate
de gaingate-principes gehanteerd worden.

Virtual Interactive Participation (VIP)
in terms of our aims, products & services
is possible in different ways, 
but effective the more you are idogain or
understands the pa-problem.

The ioi-code clears you.
Your ioi-formula & your oma-profile
show your faculties.

Your needs, offers & comments may modify
the vip-possibilities.

As said, this site contents different ways to contact us.

Just take your time & spot ours,  in our world:


You are also welcome,
helping us making this site pervious,
global xs-able for all lapsarian kids.

"One or nothing
demands  the system;
"There are always two possibilities",
according the butler;
"Tertium non datur"
seems  the philosophical imperative in every culture.

So where are we ?

We offer you "tertium datur", thus line in.
But remember the almost alter-natives.

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 quest answers questions

originele nederlandse xs4all webstructuur

binnenweg    k2d    manhattan
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