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O U R   T E R T I A

dienst werk en inkomen
rotterdam, het nieuwe westen
provincie noord-holland
family & friends as they stand

T H A N K S   2

theo van duyn& dirk kortekaas: 4 reflecting on gaingate & trybe models
claudio bartolozzi:  photo gainboys.gif 960320 park aan de maas r’dam
anneke m.g. van hensbergen / for digitalising our handwritten documents
jos staats / comments & advices on our f1rst web edition 1998
ian graham / painting "praying for soul" 1997
karen / for baking pies all those years
marco van der helm / first on mob4id


A N D   A L S O

cheiz / saplogo -sociëteit ante portas- 1963, 
horst grütering / photo & © torso.gif de fabriek 1988 
gislebertus d’autun -1130- gijzelbert van autun
"les pattes du diable
allard budding / sticker ‘denk aan mij
vrienden van allard surprise (vvasurp.htm),
ab’s aw-3  
e. elias merhige / ‘begotten’1989
sam mieloo / photo 1977 paperboys small.gif
dik al / t-shirt qbus zeefdruk 1977  qbus.gif / photodraw-mix 2000
james a. sullivan / pumping myocytes ©james a. sullivan 1998
hansje de reuver, town magazine / photo kunsthal 1988
mustafa belek
wim kayzer / een schitterend ongeluk ?
gertjan wallinga / aga (a glorious accident) in the u.s.a.
persburo jota rotterdam / photo & © fabriek small.gif
microsoft images 
cybercable.fr / copy 19990419 
jan sampiemon (nrc-handelsblad) 
g. peter hoefnagels (de toekomst is niet meer...)


]------( thanks 2 technology )------[
compaq presario cds 942 / compaq presario 1425 / MAG XJ700T monitor / widoshi /
 hp scanjet 5100C / hp deskjet 520 / hp deskjet 720C /canon prima BF /
canon eos5 /trust photocam plus /jvc HR-D980E /
 philips café roma 7262>e / hp cd-writer plus 8200 series multiread
Fujitsu Siemens scaleo ctm/5020 & amilo D / FS-notebook

C O N F I G U R E  E D I T O R
XP office / frontpage

van dale groot woordenboek der nederlandse taal,
1984 isbn 90.6648.401.2
van dale groot woordenboek nederlands-frans, frans-nederlands,
1985 isbn 90.6648.1110
van dale groot woordenboek nederlands-engels, engels-nederlands,
1986 isbn 90.6648.1072
van dale etymologisch woordenboek,
1990 isbn 90.6648.302.4 geb.
webster's new twentieth century dictionary,
1975 isbn #0.529.04852.3
almanak voor de stichting & de vereniging,
1989 isbn 90.1206.164.4
ken uw recht,
1994 isbn 90.6590.755.6
microsoft access 2000 voor dummies,
1999 isbn 90-430-0073-6


de volkskrant / nrc-handelsblad (krekellinks-rechts.gif) / vpro /
provincie n-h debat van de toekomst / rotterdam-politics / rotterdam-culture /
compaq / widoshi / dunnet rotterdam / ’sit’ swatch internet time /
restaurant "hofstede de cleyburch" noordwijk / ms-frontpage


as we found in rotterdam, photo’s 1996, scans 1999,
 digital since may 2000 (rotterdam graffiti)


underworld / pantera / the smashing pumpkins / soulfly /radiohead / coil / cell /
sonic youth
/ the virgin prunes / the prunes & dave-id / the fall / placebo /sepultura /
agnostic front / 24-7 spyz / anal cunt / james iha /guru jazzmatazz /madball / sick of it all /
sparklehorse/ la fura dels baus / busta rhymes / poison girls / joy division /
aphex twin richard d. james / suffocation / morbid angel /dead can dance; b. perry, l. gerrard /
butthole surfers / daft punk /system of a down /queens of the stoneage /beatles jukebox

*)-:]---------|C L N E B Y ’ S   R T W R K|---------[:-(*

gmlogo.gif / gaingate#manhattan logo, drawing & scan 1998 (coolcove)
m3.gif / menmachmeth logo, photo 199209 verolme rotterdam-z, scan 1998 (mmm)
sbw.gif / sbw logo, photowork veredeling coolcove 1995, scan 1998 (sbw)
sgmlogo.gif / sgm logo, photo 199209 verolme rotterdam-z, scan 1998 (sgm)
gaingatelogo.gif / gaingate logo, photo & scan 1998 (gaingate)
mudwars.gif / trybe logo, photowork veredeling coolcove 19920808, scan 1998 (trybe)
k2d.jpg / knews2day logo, drawing on glass 1993 & scan 1998 (knews2day)
qaqlogo.gif / qaq logo, postcard scan 1998 "les pattes du diable" (qaq)
bones3.gif / answers logo, bone scan1998 (answers)
bones4.gif / questions logo, bone scan 1998 (questions)
bones5.gif / quests logo, bone scan 1998 (quests)
zzlogo small.gif / zooizone logo,
photo s’gravendijkwal rotterdam199204, scan 1998 (zooizone)
kneword.gif / kneword logo, ms-words 97 1998 (knewords & ka galaxy)
small.gif / knewart logo, drawing ms-paint, scan 1998 (arts & ka galaxy)
kneworld.gif / kneworld logo, ms-word 97 (kneworld & ka galaxy)
smpump.gif / cloneboy meets the smashing pumpkins off stage,
photo 19920907 rotterdam, scan 19980915 (arts)
huisvoor.gif / photowork veredeling coolcove 199310, scan 1998 (arts)
voordeur.gif / photowork veredeling coolcove 199412, scan 1998 (arts)
huisna.gif / photowork veredeling coolcove 199310, scan 1998 (arts)
sonic youth / images.sonic1-9.gif / cloneboy takes pictures @ sonic youth concert in
eindhoven 19920905 and almost lost our camera inhere. (knewartsframe)
jaargetijden small.jpg / jec prod. for hofstede de cleyburch te noordwijk
1994-1995, scan 1998 ( fff)
mediaint.gif / photo "mint"act nrc-volkskrant19961015, scan 1998 (arts)
pantera doa.jpg / photo’s & concert-ticket pantera on dynamo open air 1998,
 scan 1998 (arts)
dynamo.gif / photo glass wooden frame 1998, scan 1998 (arts)
marie louise’s memory lane / painting "unframed" marie louise nabben 1989,
scan 1998 (ka galaxy)
waves / 3 photo’s veerhaven rotterdam 199207, scan 1998 (hopidrome)
www.ambigram.net voor mainframe

Virtual Interactive Participation (VIP)

VIP in terms of our aims, products & services is possible in
different ways, but effective the more you are idologic.
The ioi-code clears you.
Your ioi-formula & your oma-profile show your faculties.
Your needs, offers & comments may modify the vip-possibilities.

As said, this site contains different ways to contact us.
Just take your time & spot ours,  in our world:
virtual, interactive, analogical, digitial, emperical, quintessential.

You are welcome,
helping us making this site global xs-able
4 all lapsarian kids.

"One or nothing"  demands  the system;
"There are always two possibilities", according the butler;
"Tertium non datur" seems  the philosophicalimperative in every culture. 

So where are we ?

We offer you our gainabilities,
so line through.
Annual Position Paper 2022

But remember 
the more than alter-natives.

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